Bezness scam

Tunisia-bezness-scamBezness is an Arab derivation to the English word of business, but bezness is no more than a tourist scam designed to seduce and sweet-talk single female tourists by (often younger) local men, acting together with their whole family and their friends, with the single purpose to financially drain these women. As opposed to most tourist scams, which are designed to quickly rip a tourist out of a couple of bucks, Bezness is a long-term play, that can carry on for months or sometimes even years, and can financially and emotionally ruin the victim, leaving her behind with nothing but debts and a broken heart.

These men invest a lot of time in building trust and building a fake relationship with their victim, while in truth, some of them run a simultaneous play on up to 20 women at the same time!

The Bezness scammer observes female tourists from a distance and uses his vast experience to analyze their body language and clothing style in order to classify his victim for country of origin, social class and vulnerability. He is able to differentiate his approach to better suit his potential victim. He starts with some general small-talk about nothing in particular, just getting to know the targeted tourist and to establish a connection. Their prime targets are women who are open to other cultures, have or have had relationship troubles or a stressful job at home, and who are financially independent.

Bezness-scam-TunisiaA Bezness scammer knows exactly how to play a woman and what to say at which moment to make her believe he is in love with her and she is the one and only true love for him. He uses the romantic scenery of her holiday in an exotic country to seduce her and to draw her back to him as soon as she has left. The seduction and sweet talk then continues via Skype or WhatsApp, and their goal is to continue the fake relationship, so they can either extort money from their victim, or marry her for either a passport of a European country or for entitlement to half of her capital. Or both.

According to the website Bezness Alert:

  • Once a tourist has stepped into the Bezness trap and as soon as a certain amount of trust and (one-way) love has been established, the Bezness scammer resorts to emotional manipulation or mental, physical and/or sexual abuse.
  • The majority of relationships end in such a way that the Western woman is ruined both financially and socially. The Bezness fraud might leave her traumatized for years afterwards.
  • Children born from this relationship are often used in order to get a residence or passport for Europe.
  • Legal rights for foreigners in these kinds of countries are very opaque, because of a completely different law system, therefore:
  • Bezness scammers have been known to kidnap children and keep them in the country of origin, where they are difficult to be recovered.
  • The mentality of the Bezness fraud and the community surrounding them might in some cases lead to murder.

Beware that it is very uncommon in Arab culture for a man to approach a woman he doesn’t know. Pushy and obtrusive behavior is therefore a clear indicator that they’re after something from you, as a sincere and honest man will never behave like this towards an unknown female. If you recognize any of the signs of a Bezness scammer, kindly rebuff and go back to your travel party, or in case of solo travels, back to a safe and crowded place. Don’t give your phone number or e-mail address to avoid stalking.

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  1. I’m a victim for 3 and 1/2 years. WARNING: Abdelhak Rahali from ElHamma, Gabes, Tunisia, with numerous fake names and Facebook pages is a true professional at this bezness garbage. I’ve found 14 other victims. He wanted to marry me. He was really after my houses, cars, and cash. I lost $26,000 USD to him but luckily, nothing else nor my life. Go to Tunisian Love Rats gallery….he’s featured prominently.

  2. Eleven years ago I met a young Tunisian online, from the moment we made contact he asked me to turn on the camera and asked me to open the Sky, years have passed and this year we resumed conversations and even from the same moment we I met he told me to marry him I hesitate because he is 30 years younger than me and until yesterday he swore that he really loved me until my son told me about this wed site, and I read almost everything and although it did not happen to me nothing I feel very grateful for the information.

  3. Hi.. how can I find out if the Tunisian “lover” has other profiles.. I’ve been engaging with him on messenger for over a year and of late he’s been more distant and spending less time with me… I need to confirm a feeling I have..
    I appreciate any help but please keep negative comments to yourself as I’m preparing myself already for an upset..

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