Cinderella goodnight girls scam

cinderella-goodnight-girls-scam-Rio_de_JaneiroCinderella Goodnight Girls is a nickname for Rio De Janeiro ladies who are known to make friends with (mostly male) tourists and then secretly drug their victim’s drinks to make them fall into a deep sleep, so they can steal their cash, credit cards and other valuables. The unsuspecting victims of this scam sometimes sleep for up to three days straight before waking up to find they have been robbed.

The basics of the Cinderella Goodnight Girls scam in Rio are similar to that in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (read the KL bar scam with spiked drinks), although each has its local twist.

Some of these girls also pretend to be prostitutes in order to gain access to a tourist’s hotel room, only to drug him and rob him.

This well-known scam is run mostly by former (corrupt) cops, who used to be able to make a lot of money on the side when they were still on duty, by receiving pay-offs from criminal organizations as a form of protection money. Now that they’ve retired from the Rio de Janeiro police force, they have to live off a meager government pension, but some of them have found a way to supplement this by ripping off tourists and working as a kind of pimp and protector to these Cinderella Goodnight Girls.

cinderella-goodnight-girls-rip_off-Rio_de_JaneiroEspecially in Vila Mimosa, Rio’s red light district, these girls slip ground pills with a heavy tranquilizer into the drinks of an unsuspecting male tourist when he is distracted or isn’t paying attention to his glass. Within five minutes, the victim will be knocked out by the effect of the pills, giving the girl the opportunity to steal his valuables out of his pockets. By the time he wakes up, she is long gone, with his cash, jewelry and credit card.

Always keep your glass in sight, preferably in your hand, and especially when in Vila Mimosa. If a girl tries to chat you up, don’t let your guard down and be suspicious of any attempt to distract you. If in doubt, don’t finish your drink and just order a new one. Don’t take a prostitute or a girl who just approached you in a bar or on the street back to your hotel room, unless you have a friend or someone you trust who can keep watch outside the door to make sure you’re all right when she tries to make an exit.

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