Aggressive taxi guide scam

Marrakech-aggressive-taxi-guide-scamMarrakech suffers from an enormous and highly profitable underground referral system, in which extravagant commissions are paid by shop owners and restaurant operators to those who bring in customers who spend money at the establishment. As a result, friendly and helpful seeming locals almost always have a second agenda when they offer you their help in finding a restaurant, store or service. And taxi drivers are probably one of the worst players in this scheme, as stories of aggressive and threatening behavior have been reported by several tourists who refused to buy anything at the shops the drivers had taken them to.

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Taxi drivers and other unofficial guides promising to take you on a tour are very likely to take you to souvenir shops along the way even though you’re not interested and haven’t asked for it. They will encourage you to buy something, and these encouragements will get stronger and more forceful as you decline the offers. The taxi drivers receive a commission of as much as 50% of the total you’ve spent at a shop they’ve taken you to. If you don’t buy anything, the mood of driver or guide can suddenly turn sour, and tourists have regularly experienced very aggressive and intimidating behavior from these unofficial tour guides.

Especially the tours from Marrakech into the mountains are notorious for these kinds of practices, most tourists never make it to the mountains as the driver stops at a shop every few kilometers and some drivers have even left tourists behind at one of the shops far away from the city, from where they had to find their own way back to their hotel, just because they didn’t want to spend their money on overpriced souvenirs.

Always book your tours through your hotel or travel agent, with an official tour operator. Taking a regular taxi or unofficial tour guide whom you’ve met on the street or through a referral of an unknown person, could prove very expensive or even risky.

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  1. I wish l had done my research before booking a holiday in marrakech, horrible unfair poeple out to rip you off ! A nail cutter for 100 dirhams that’s like £9! A tagine for 1000 dhirahm did they think l was stupid but unfortunately l was and did get scammed by the tour guide to Atlas mountain who kept stopping for photographs and out of nowhere locals would appear selling their goods well forcing them on you then the famous Argan oil place where l got cohearesed by the driver as genuine and that other oils were fake in
    Marrakech l ended spending £100 for 500ml argan oil and 500ml of honey !! So il never be going back again the locals should be happy to charge local prices and watch business boom because they can’t be charging Dubai or vegas price in marrakech!

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