Bar scam with spiked drinks

The basics of the Kuala Lumpur bar scam are similar to that in Rio de Janeiro (read the Cinderella Goodnight Girls scam), although each has its local twist.

Kuala_Lumpur-Beach_Club-scam-tourist-scamsIn KL, the scam is most popular in bars and nightclubs that target a tourist audience, most notably the infamous Beach Club cafe and the surrounding area. If you pay close attention in these cafes, you’ll notice that almost all of the women in there are of the “professional” kind, so to speak. And they’ll approach single men or groups of men, sometimes with a few of them together, and offer massage services and more in your hotel room, promising “to take care of you”. If this happens to you, never leave your drink unattended and don’t let them get your drinks! And as soon as you start to feel strange or dizzy, immediately warn someone you fully trust and ask them to take you back to your hotel room and make sure nobody is following.

They’re well known for spiking the drinks of their victim with some kind of drug, probably a very strong sleeping pill, and then you return to your hotel room, they’ll follow you, where you’ll quickly fall into a very deep sleep. This gives them the chance to rob you from any valuables you have on you and in your room, including your cash, creditcards, smartphone, camera, watch and other jewelry. You won’t wake up until late the next day to find out you’ve been completely stripped of all your belongings. And sure you won’t remember what the girl looked like or what her name was.

Kuala_Lumpur-spiked_drinks-robbery-tourist-scamsAlways order your own drinks at the bar, or if the waiter brings them he’ll open the bottles at the table. Don’t accept them when he doesn’t and don’t let a stranger get your drinks. When you have company from one of the ladies in the cafe, always keep an eye on your drink and don’t leave it unattended. As soon as you start to feel strange, ask someone you know and trust to take you back to your room, lock the door from the inside and enjoy your deep sleep.

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