Jamaica-marihuana-dangersOn the streets of virtually every town in Jamaica, tourists are offered marihuana, called Ganja by the locals,  just about every two minutes by a local, claiming it is legal to smoke pot on their island. “Jamaica is the weed-capital of the world, man!” And it is easy to believe them, when you witness local Jamaicans smoke a joint on every corner of the street.

But the truth is that it’s been illegal to use drugs in Jamaica since 1913, you’re not even allowed to smoke a cannabis joint. These dealers who tell you it is perfectly legal will be nowhere to be seen when the police comes around. Of course, that should give you an indication of how “legal” the stuff really is. And those who offer the drugs don’t carry any on them personally either, in case they get caught trying to sell you some of their stuff. If a tourist then agrees to buy some weed, the dealer will signal or call a helper hiding , who will bring the stuff out to them.

Jamaica may have a somewhat laid-back image, but in fact it is a conservative, religious country and many of its inhabitants shudder at the country’s Rasta reputation.

So be careful with drugs in Jamaica, don’t assume it’s okay to use them “because everybody does” and don’t believe anyone telling you it’s 100% legal. It isn’t and you could end up getting arrested, which is much less comfortable than being imprisoned in a five-star all-inclusive resort.

As tourism is the country’s main source of income, most hotel security guards, restaurant owners and taxi drives won’t make a point of you smoking a joint in public, but be sure to put it out when you see the police approach. If you do get caught smoking, most police officers will take a bribe to let you off, but it might cost you as much as $ 100.

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  1. American Victim says

    Not any more no one cares law has passed to decriminalize marijuana in court its a $100 dollar fine one dollar USD.

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