Cyclo or bike taxi scam

Vietnam-cyclo-taxi-scamCyclo scams are just as common as taxi scams and could even be more dangerous in certain occasions. Anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City, but especially in District 1, you can find cyclos or bike taxis offering their services on just about every street corner, and some of them are able to sweet-talk unsuspecting tourists to take a ride with them. This seems like a cool thing to do, and something every visitor to the former Saigon should experience. However, be advised that the best and safest way to book a cyclo taxi is through your hotel or travel agent.

Cyclo drivers are known to attempt to scam unknowing tourists by agreeing on a certain price beforehand, but when payment is due claiming this was the price per person, or per hour. Some tourists have even reported being driven into an alley by the cyclo driver, who then demanded to be paid extra under the threat of physical violence.

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Ho_Chi_Minh_City-bike_taxi-scamSimilar to the boat tour scam, be clear on the terms and price of your agreement before you get onto the bike. Write down the total price for all passengers, including all extras, on a piece of paper and let him acknowledge that this is correct. In case you are hiring a cyclo for a full or half day, make sure that waiting time while you go sightseeing is included as well. Tipping of cyclo drivers is not a habit in Ho Chi Minh City. If your driver insists on being tipped, only give in to his demands if he has done an excellent job and you are completely satisfied. If so, it is more than enough to tip 5 to 10 percent of the fare, even if this translates to no only a very small sum in your perception, as wages and living standards are very different in Vietnam.

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