Bumsters, also called Beach Boys, are local men trying to seduce female tourists on the beaches of Gambia. However, they are not looking for true love, but after their money. Some of them are even able to convince these women that they possess voodoo powers, and use this to manipulate them and mentally abuse the women.

Gambia-bumsters-scamThe Beach Boys target single female European tourists on the beaches of Gambia, overwhelming them with compliments and promising eternal faithfulness. Women  looking for this kind of adoration and confirmation after being disappointed in their relationships back home will easily fall for this kind of attention. They enjoy their romantic endeavors and the constant attention from their exotic lover, but in reality the love is just a one-way street. The bumsters start these relationships as a way to make money or ultimately get a ticket and a visa to Europe.

In Gambia, a man’s social status is defined by his ability to make money and provide for his family. While his lifestyle may be condoned by his family, they are not reluctant to accept the money he takes from his “girlfriends”. Yes, that’s plural, because monogamy is very rare in Gambia, as opposed to what we’re used to. More likely than not, a Beach Boy is already married to a Gambian woman, and he is looking to make money to support his family.

Some women are aware of this background of this part of the Gambian culture and accept it for what it is. They are just looking for some holiday fun and don’t mind giving their toyboy some cash to take care of his real family. Others fall deeply in love with their exotic lover and completely lose track of reality. They may end up in a long-term and long-distance relationship, which is mainly characterized by the financial assistance the Beach Boy receives from his European girlfriend. And it’s very likely they simultaneously have more than one relationship like that, only to spread their chances and increase the odds of getting a ticket and a visa to Europe.

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