Tourist in need scam

Barcelona-tourist_in_need-scamsSeveral tourists in Barcelona have reported being approached by a lady who claims to be a tourist herself, and in fact most of the times actually is a foreigner, some of them speak German, others French and some even have an American accent. They will pretend to be a just another tourist visiting Barcelona, but they’ll tell you that either their baggage has been stolen, or they’ve just been robbed and have no money or passport anymore or some other piteous story that’s only meant to make you feel sorry for them, so you’ll be happy to help them out by giving them a few Euros or even all of your holiday cash.

They’re very polite and apologetic and are such great actors that they could even seem genuinely distressed to the untrained observer. But it really is no more than an act, played to scam tourists. Some Barcelona visitors have even reported they’ve been approached by exactly the same woman multiple times during their holiday. She obviously didn’t recognize them from the hundreds of tourists she approaches every day, but they surely remembered her, because she told exactly the same sorrowful story as she had done a few days earlier.

Barcelona-tourist_in_need-ripoffOthers have reported an even more ingenious story of a woman who claimed she was robbed and didn’t have any money or credit card to pay for accommodation for the night, and she would leave Barcelona the next day to return home. She asked them to help her pay for a room for the night, so they followed her to a pension, but felt suspicious when they noticed the woman didn’t have any travel luggage, just a few plastic bags from a supermarket. And when the owner of the pension started to negotiate on the room rate before they had even told them what was going on, the tourists realized they were probably being played, and that the owner of the pension was in on the scam, trying to swindle as much cash as possible from a friendly and helpful tourist.

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