Expired voucher scam

Barcelona-expired-restaurant-voucher-tourist-scamsSome restaurants in Barcelona use rather questionable methods to lure customers into their establishment, most notably around the busy La Rambla area, which is popular among tourists for shopping and strolling. These deceitful restaurants employ good looking teenagers to hand out vouchers for their restaurant to tourists walking the streets of Barcelona. These are mostly buy-one, get-one-free vouchers, or any deal attractive enough for a tourist to consider making the effort to find that restaurant the next time they’re deciding where to eat.

But when the tourists want to redeem the voucher in the restaurant the next day or even later that same day, they will be informed that it has already expired. When they are shown the fine print they failed to read closely themselves, they’ll find that the voucher indeed has an expiry date as far back as a few months ago. Even if they are able to get their order changed, most of the tourists are still naive enough to stay at that restaurant to enjoy their meal. What they don’t realize is that the restaurant is hoping that most of them will do exactly that. Even if as much as half of the visitors sees right through this scam and walks away, the other half will still spend their money on a meal, paying full price.

Barcelona-expired-restaurant_voucher-tourist-scamsSo if you are given a discount voucher for a restaurant in Barcelona, make sure you study the fine print on the voucher closely before making your way to that place for a meal. You’re very likely to find an expiry date of between one and three months ago, showing you that the voucher is in fact absolutely worthless. And even if you do happen to go to the restaurant and are faced with a manager unwilling to redeem your voucher, simply walk away before taking delivery of your order and go to any other place you like. You don’t want to spend your money at a restaurant that uses these kind of misleading tactics to lure customers in.

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