Fake tourist police

Bangkok-scam-fake-tourist_policeThe Bangkok Tourist Police can be seen around every major tourist hotspot in the city, they are in uniform and are easily recognizable thanks to the distinctive badge with the official Tourist Police logo on their uniform. The Tourist Police officers all speak English very well, and some also speak other European languages. They are there to assist foreign tourists in case of  traffic accidents, theft and robbery or can arbitrate in disputes with hotels or shop keepers.

But beware there are also scammers pretending to be a helpful Tourist Police officer at more quiet locations. They are part of a large scam run by the Thai mafia, and are paid by local restaurants, strip clubs, diamond centers and tons of other local dishonest businesses to refer tourists to these businesses which can then scam these unsuspecting customers out of their money. The reason for pretending to be a tourist policeman is to make you trust them easier.

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Bangkok-rip_off-fake-tourist_policeIf you are approached by someone pretending to be a Tourist Police officer, but who gives you tips like where to go for dinner, or where to buy “real” diamonds, don’t trust them and certainly don’t go to the place they recommend to you. You are guaranteed to be overcharged (check the Bangkok overpriced drinks scam), ripped off (check the Bangkok fake diamonds fraud) or in some other way stripped off your well-earned holiday cash.

You won’t find these fake policemen in busy public locations, but for more likely inside a quiet temple, or on a bench in the middle of a park, where the real police can’t easily see them. If they approach you first, be on guard, as the official Tourist Police won’t just give you unsolicited advise. Never trust a Tourist Police logo on a shirt or jacket, the official Tourist Police will wear a full uniform, and always ask them to identify themselves with an official badge. If they give you a hard time about this, you know there’s something wrong. Thank them kindly and walk away towards a crowd.

If any kind stranger has unsolicited shopping or dining advice, tell him you already have plans and walk away.

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