Airport baggage porters scam

Bali-scam-airport-baggage-porterMost tourists will arrive in Bali at Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar, after a long and exhausting flight. The long waiting line at the visa counter and immigration doesn’t help raise your spirits either, so when you finally arrive at the baggage carrousel, you won’t be fully on guard. Unfortunately, this is the first place in Bali where you have to be aware of possible scammers.

At the luggage carrousel, it seems that all the trolleys have been taken by the porters, so you will either have to carry your bags or use the services of these porters. Some of them are as cheeky to have already picked up your bags from the carrousel and as soon as you identify them as yours, they just pick them up and start walking them towards the exit with you. They won’t give you a chance to resist, and some are even dressed as fake airport officials, giving you at first the impression that they want to do a bag search, until they pick it up and start carrying it for you.If you don’t refuse or ask them to immediately put your luggage back down, so you can carry it yourself, they will ask you for a tip. As most tourists don’t yet carry any local currency, they will end up paying in Euro’s, Dollars or Pounds, and as most tourists also are yet unaware of how cheap most services in Bali are, they end up paying more to a two-minute baggage porter than for a fifteen-minute taxi ride into the city.

Also, some porters take you to a taxi counter, where the rates for a taxi are much higher than when you just walk out of the airport towards the long line of taxis waiting for you. Of course, they get a commission for every unsuspecting tourist that books a taxi ride at this counter.

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