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Bali-scam-drugs-dealers-entrapment-stingsTourists in Bali get approached by locals trying to sell them something all the time. Fortunately, unlike in some other popular holiday destinations, the Balinese people are not too pushy and most will back off at the first “No, thank you”.

Not all of their merchandise is harmless, though. Especially in the most popular beach destinations of Bali, for example Kuta and Sanur,where also most of the island’s nightlife happens, tourists are sometimes softly asked if they’re looking for something to party or to smoke, like marihuana or mushrooms. The younger and more foreign looking you are, the more likely you are to be offered drugs. Some of them may be scammers trying to sell you fake drugs in order to make some quick and harmless money, while others may be cooperating with the police in a sting operation.

Beware Indonesia has very strict anti-drugs laws and the penalties for possession, let alone smuggling or distribution of drugs are extremely severe. The Balinese government is looking to set examples of tourists who break the anti-drugs laws and a prison sentences of four to twelve years in an Indonesian prison are not uncommon. And on top of that, the Indonesian police are working with some drugs dealers to set up entrapment games in order to catch tourists who agree to buy illegal drugs, as a 14-year old Australian kid experienced. Some rumors even claim that these stings are especially aimed at tourists, just to hit them with severe fines as an additional income to the local government, but as Bali and its residents are heavily dependent on tourism for their income, that would be a very short-term strategy.

Just ignore those who are trying to sell you drugs, and a friendly “No, thank you” is often enough to get them off your back.

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  1. yeah, i was being scammed today, they offered me mariyuana, i bought it for 600.000 rupiahs, but they gave me a pack of tea leaf and bird food… fucking scammer

  2. It’s ALL FAKE IN BALI!!!!!

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