Schiphol airport taxi scam

Official-taxi_stand-Schiphol-Amsterdam-AirportAmsterdam taxi drivers used to be known for their rudeness and eagerness to overcharge naive tourists. Attempts to regulate the taxi market in The Netherlands have only resulted in some of the highest rates in the world, at over € 2,10 per kilometer and a minute rate on top of that. As a result, a taxi ride from Schiphol Airport to a hotel in the center of Amsterdam will cost you anything between € 50,- and € 60,-. Those are the rates of the official Schiphol Airport taxis, which use Tesla all-electric cars and friendly drivers.

Amsterdam-Schiphol-Airport-taxi_hustlersHowever, getting to the official taxi stand may prove to be a challenge, because as soon as you step out of the door of the airport hall you’ll be awaited by a group of taxi drivers offering their services. They may show you their official taxi license and sometimes even promise a cheaper rate than the official rates. But once you agree to go with them they won’t take you to the official taxi stand but to one of their mates waiting around the corner in some beat up and dirty old car and that’s when you should walk away and follow the signs to the official taxis. Because you’re guaranteed to get ripped off. Warning-taxi_scam-Schiphol-Amsterdam-AirportIf you’re lucky, they’ll let you out at the correct destination for € 100,- but I’ve heard stories of more than € 150,- and they can become very intimidating if you don’t pay up what they’re asking. They might even drop you off at a completely wrong location, telling you your hotel is just around the corner from there, when in fact it may be at the other end of the city.

Taking a train into Amsterdam is easy and cheap, as the train stops right underneath Schiphol Plaza. However, if you don’t want to struggle with your luggage in the train and a subsequent tram, or if you don’t want the hassle of finding out where to go, follow the signs to the official taxi stand and only get into one of the blue or white Tesla Model S waiting for you. Or book in advance with a respectable taxi agent:

In Amsterdam itself, the most customer friendly and reliable taxi company is Taxi Electric, which use all-electric Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S taxis.



  1. Joseph patton says:

    Ripped off by cabs at Amsterdam airport. The question is why are they allowed to be given access at taxi points on arrival at airport?
    Shame on you to allow these rogues to rip people of as they’re the 1st image of amsterdam !!
    Why is this is not regulated? It does not make a good image of Amsterdam that you are being robbed before you get to your accomodation.
    Where is the sense in this, Amsterdam??

    • Uncleben says:

      It is true. AND regulated. Called free enterprise. If a private car is parked in the parking lot how can the authorities know.?
      People are warned to go only to the official taxi rank.

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