How to prevent hotel room burglary

To most tourists, a safe hotel room means that they’ve stored their money and passport in the room safe, locked the windows and the door. But this is under no circumstances enough to keep intruders out. In fact, it’s child’s play to enter a hotel room without the key.

Hotel_room-break_inBurglars keep coming up with new ways to enter your hotel room. They often don’t need anything more than the most ordinary items, like a rubber band, piece of iron wire or a credit card. This is exactly the reason why you should realize that your belongings are never safe inside a hotel room, no matter how well secured or hidden. Here are a few horrific examples of hotel room break-ins, together with tips how to prevent theft as much as possible.


Many hotel room doors are poorly protected, even with the double lock engaged. Burglars can easily enter your room within a matter of seconds with simple household objects like a credit card, iron wire, butter knife or even a rubber band. Don’t believe it? Watch these movies to see it with you own eyes. Convinced? At the bottom of this page we’ll give you a few tips to protect your belongings against hotel room thieves.


Hotel staff in most popular tourist destinations work long hours and are among the lowest paid laborers of the workforce, and the temptation to enhance their salary by stealing can sometimes be hard to resist. Especially when some tourists seem to be making things very easy for them. Don’t leave your valuables in plain sight in your hotel room or show off your expensive watch or bulging wallet in the hotel lobby, restaurant or bar because an open door may tempt a saint. Remember: the staff has easy access to your hotel room, and your safe.


In most hotels the room safes have a general code that is known only to the staff. This is to make sure the safe can still be opened in case you’ve forgotten the code. But there’s secondary benefit for the staff: it gives them the opportunity to steal the valuables you thought were safely locked inside the safe. This doesn’t leave any traces of a break in to your door or the safe, so it’s almost impossible to prove you’ve just been robbed. And that subsequently makes it hard to claim any form of compensation from your insurance. By the way, most hotels haven’t even bothered to alter the manufacturer default code, which is simply all zeroes, so before you decide to leave anything in the safe, lock it by entering your personal code and then try to open it using the default general code. Does it work? Then you’ve just proven the hotel isn’t as worried about the security of your belongings as you are.

Tips to prevent hotel room theft

When you leave the room, turn on the TV and set the volume loud enough to hear it from outside the closed door. Don’t forget to hang the “do not disturb” card on your door handle as well. Burglars don’t like to run the risk of being caught, so they’ll prefer a room of which they can be certain there’s no one inside.

Since we already know how easy it is to access a hotel room safe, you don’t want to keep your valuables and your passport in there. Instead, hide them somewhere less obvious, where a thief wouldn’t think of searching, considering they don’t want to spend more than two minutes inside your room. You could think of taping your passport and cash (in a bag) to the back of the mirror or a painting, or to the bottom of a seat or table.

Hotel_room-theft-laptop-computerNever leave your laptop in your hotel room when you’re gone. If it’s inconvenient to carry it with you, hide it inside your car or a locked suitcase after you’ve removed the battery. Even when turned off, computers often still send out a signal that can alert a thief with the right equipment of the presence of a computer inside a car, hotel room or case. You could also take it to the hotel reception and ask them if they want to look after it for you.


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