Warning! Timeshare scam in Kuta, Bali

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    Walking with my boyfriend on the Kuta boulevard, we were approached by a friendly looking Balinese man, who asked us where we came from. When we told him we were from Germany, he yelled: “Ah, Bayern Munich! Great football! We are promoting our new hotel, so I have a small gift for you.” He gave us each a lottery ticket, which we were supposed to open immediately. The ticket my boyfriend opened said that he had won a free T-shirt with the hotel logo, and when I opened mine, the man looked sincerely surprised and yelled: “You won the big prize! You win either 1000 US Dollars, or a free iPad, or a one week luxury holiday in our new hotel!” And we would be told which of these prizes I had won if we showed our ticket to his manager. We agreed to follow him to a minivan, where he let a driver take us to his office, which was fifteen minutes away, as he returned to the boulevard. At the office, we were told that we first had to watch a promotional video before the manager would come to tell us what we had won. We were taken to a dark, room where a video was started, and we had to sit there for an hour before the video was over, while it was a wonderful day outside to spend our time chilling at the beach. Then a German speaking man came for us to tell us about their new resort and how we could join his holiday club to spend our holidays at this luxury resort. The entrance fee was 7.000 Euros for a five-year membership, and we had to decide today, with a deposit of at least 1.000 Euros. When we told him we were not interested and we just wanted to collect our prize, his mood changed and he didn’t even want to talk to us. He pointed to a Balinese lady, who gave us a voucher and explained we could use the code to book our free seven-day holiday on their website. We asked if the driver could bring us back to the beach, but he was already gone and there was no other driver. We had to go onto the street and find a taxi, which we had to pay for ourselves. When we checked out the voucher online, it didn’t work, so even this was a scam. In hindsight, we are just lucky we didn’t pay them anything.

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    Hello Frida,
    thanks for your post. You can find more information on the scratch-and-win/timeshare scam here: http://tourist-scams.com/bali/scam-scratch-and-win-timeshare/

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    I have worked a couple of years for one of these organizations, until I was just sick of ripping innocent people off. It really is a scam, even though most of these resorts really exist and you can actually spend your holiday there, if you are persistent.

    However, the way people are lured into this is pure deception, and secondly they are aggressively pushed to sign contracts that oblige them to pay large sums of money for many years, and lastly the total amount these people end up paying is far more than the value they are getting.
    They would only be allowed to spend their holiday in the low season, and more often than not the pool would be under maintenance for weeks, the showers would only give cold water or the restaurant would be closed, while the nearest town with a restaurant is kilometers away.
    Our motto was: the longer you can get them to listen to you, the easier it will be to get them buy from you. That’s why we put them inside a hot and dark room to watch a video. They will get tired and are more likely to just agree with what you ask, just to get it over with. The victims never bother to read the full contract, which is many pages long and full of fine print and clauses that commit the signer to large sums of money without any real entitlements on their end.

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    My mother has been scammed into timeshare. Peninsula Beach resort 8000 deposit and in total 30000 to be paid off over 18 months. For one week timeshare JOKE she was pressured into it and wants to cancel but no one will respond to her call or emails. Disgraceful thang they are allowed to pressure people like guide and make out it is so much more attractive than it is.

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