Taxi driver turns aggressive when we don’t buy souvenirs

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    Maggie McP.

    I visited Marrakesh together with my friend, and we had both traveled as solo girls many times before as well as together, but this was easily one of the scariest moments we’ve ever experienced.
    Our hotel owner advised us to take a tour to the mountains, to see more of the beautiful scenery surrounding Marrakesh. He pointed out a place on the map where we could share a taxi with other tourists, and the taxi driver would be our tourist guide as well.
    When we reached this place, we were the only tourists, and we were directed into a taxi with a driver who only spoke Arabic and French. But he seemed very nice and was friendly to us, so we didn’t see no harm in letting him drive us to the mountains.
    However, after 10 minutes, the driver pulled over at a souvenir shop and encouraged us to buy some souvenirs. But we were not interested and wanted to continue to our destination.
    After a little while, the driver stopped again, at a large parking lot full of other taxis. He told us this was a very popular spot to take pictures of the river. Reluctantly, we got out of the taxi again and took a few pictures.
    When we returned to the car, the driver turned around and started driving back towards the city again. We tried to talk to him, which was difficult due to the language barrier, but then he got angry at us, demanding extra money for his gas. Of course we declined, since we had agreed upon a price beforehand and he wasn’t even taking us to the place we wanted.
    All of a sudden he started to became aggressive, yelling at us and demanding to be paid for his gas. He started driving erratically, speeding on the narrow mountain roads, while almost continuously facing backwards and yelling at us. We were so scared that the car was going to crash or that this man was going to hurt us in any other way, but we didn’t know what to do, so we just stayed in the taxi and hoped it all would turn out well. He ended up returning us to Marrakesh.
    We were glad to be alive and unhurt, and paid him the price we agreed upon beforehand, which he reluctantly accepted.

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    Sounds like a scary experience. Maggie! I’m glad to hear you made it back to the city unharmed.
    You can find more information here:

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