Stealing money changer

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    Joseph Rycott

    Our holiday in Bali started off with being ripped off. We wanted to change five hundred Dollars into local currency, which should have been enough to cover our expenses for food and excursions for over a week. I went into this little shop that sold all kinds of tourist stuff and had a counter for money exchange in the back. The guy behind the counter calculated we should get 5.850.000 Rupiah, and asked me if I could give him another 10 Dollars or 150.000 Rupiah, so he could round it off to 6 million. As I was searching for the change, my wife observed how he counted the bills up to 6 million into six stacks of one million Rupiah, on the countertop. He then piled the stacks together and handed the stack of bills over. Back at the hotel, I wanted to put 5 million into the safe and keep the rest in my pocket, but as I counted the money on the hotel bed, I found there was only 4.400.000 Rupiah in my wallet. I asked my wife if she had taken any of it, but she told me she had seen me take the money from the teller and put it in my wallet, where it had stayed until we arrived back at the hotel. He must somehow have taken some of our money when I was looking for the change. When we went back to the money exchange to ask for the rest of our money, he denied everything and actually accused us of trying to rip him off. So this was an expensive lesson learned, as he stole about 50 Dollars from us, right from under our noses.

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    Hello Joseph,
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