Scammed using distraction and intimidation tactics changing Jamaican Dollars

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      Hal Collinwood

      Walking around in Kingston, Jamaica, I was looking for a place to change some Dollars, when a big fellow told me he could give me a good rate for my US Dollars. I had to follow him into his “office” which was nothing but a public ATM cubicle, where he took out a big pile of Jamaican Dollars.
      I told him I wanted to change 50 US Dollars, but he offered me an even better rate if I changed 100 Dollars. Then an even bigger man walked into the cubicle, claiming to be the other man’s business partner. It was quite intimidating to be in such a small room with two big Jamaicans, and I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible.
      I gave the man $ 100 and he gave me a pile of Jamaican Dollars in return, but when I counted his notes, it was about $ 10 short. I gave him back the notes so he could count it again himself, when his partner apologized for the inconvenience: “these things can happen sometimes”.
      I looked back at the man who had just finished counting, he told me I was right and apologized as well.
      He gave me back my money and added the missing $ 10 on top of it. I didn’t feel comfortable in this place at all, so I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I thanked them and walked out to call a taxi. Inside the taxi I decided to count the money again, and then I found out I had been ripped off.
      This time about 30 US Dollars worth was missing, and by the time the taxi had turned around, the men had already disappeared. It must have happened when the boss distracted me, and now I understand why they took me into that cubicle: it’s all part of the plan to make me feel intimidated so I don’t count the money the second time around.
      Lesson learned.

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      Thank you for sharing your story Hal, it’s much appreciated. I hope this saves others from being ripped off by these swindlers as well.
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