Police bribes in Bali

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      Alex W.

      I thought it would be cool to rent a small motorbike in Kuta, to check out the city with some refreshing wind in my hair. But within half an hour, I was pulled over by a Balinese police officer, who told me I was driving the motorcycle without a helmet.
      He summoned me into his police booth, and during the time spent in “his office”, I saw at least another dozen locals driving by without a helmet as well, but he didn’t seem to care about that. The officer explained to me that he would write me a ticket for 200.000 Rupiah, which I would have to pay directly in cash. If I decided not to pay, I would have to go to court in Denpasar and the fine would be at least 1.250.000 Rupiah.
      So I gave him the money he asked for and promised to go get a helmet immediately. But that was not necessary, since he had already given me a ticket today. It was fine to ride the motorbike without a helmet for the rest of the day, but for tomorrow I should get a helmet.
      When I was ready to leave his office, he asked me where I was going. So I answered that I wanted to get back to my hotel to grab a beer and chill at the pool. “You want beer?”, he asked. “I will get you some beer and we drink together. I will buy beer from half of the money you just gave me, and give the other 100.000 to the government.” I was shocked that he even offered to do this, but agreed just to see if he would actually go through with this. He came back after five minutes with a six-pack of Bintang that he wanted to share with me. When I told him I just wanted one beer because I needed to drive the motorbike back to the hotel, he said it was no big deal. If I had any problems, I should come to him and he would take care of it.
      Apparently it was no problem for him as a government official to drink beer while on duty….

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      Hello Alex,
      thanks for your story. You’re not the only one to be victimized by corrupt Balinese cops. Read more here: http://tourist-scams.com/bali/scam-corrupt-police/

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