Obtrusive and harrassing locals trying to get us into a restaurant

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    The four of us (two couples) decided to go out for a nice dinner somewhere near our hotel. At the square, a friendly man asked us if we were looking for a good restaurant. He introduced himself as Saïd and told us he would show us a restaurant that serves excellent food, and where we even could drink wine with our dinner. Morocco is a Muslim country which means only a handful of restaurants serve alcohol, so we decided to give it a shot.
    We followed our new “friend” into an alley with tons of restaurants and even more locals on the streets trying to lure us in. One of them was actually very persistent and started to walk with us, telling us he knew a very good, yet very cheap restaurant serving traditional Moroccan food. Saïd obviously was unhappy about that and started arguing with the man. They became very aggressive towards each other and we decided to continue on our own, before this brawl would get out of hand.
    Then they both came after us, trying to “sell” their prospective restaurant to us, and they were becoming more and more physically obtrusive and even started to pull our arms. It was all very harassing, so we told them to leave us alone. But the street was just filled with these kind of people, who all wanted to take us into a restaurant. We all told them there were plenty of restaurants in this area and we wanted to make our own choice.
    Then we found a quiet place that looked very nice, but some of these men warned us against this restaurant, as they wouldn’t serve wine and the food would be terrible. We decided to decide for ourselves had our dinner there and it was absolutely fabulous.
    The waiter told us they refused to pay a commission to the guides on the streets and that’s why they didn’t get a lot of tourist customers. It is hurting their business, but they think it’s the honest way of doing business. So we returned there every night for the rest of our stay, despite the horrible journey past all these obtrusive “guides” each and every time again.

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    Hi Lauren,
    good to hear you didn’t fall for this well-known tourist trap, and you enjoyed your meals at an honest restaurant.
    These tactics are not only used by restaurants, but also by shops all over Marrakesh, and especially in the medinas around the Djemnaa El Fna square. Read more at http://tourist-scams.com/marrakech/scam-helpful-local/

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