Monkey stealing sunglasses at Uluwatu

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    When we visited the Uluwatu temple, our children were immediately drawn to the hundreds of monkeys that roam the trees and bushes around the temple. Of course these animals are far more interesting to them than a “boring old temple”. So we decided to watch the monkeys, just to keep the kids busy for a while. The monkeys are not afraid of humans at all, and they quickly came closer.
    Our youngest son got a little scared as they came closer, but the other two enjoyed the playful animals. Until one of the monkeys suddenly took the sunglasses off my eldest son’s head and ran away with it. My husband tried to chase after it, but then it climbed a tree with the sunglasses still in its hand.
    Fortunately a local lady came to the rescue when she took some fresh papaya out of her bag and lured the monkey back out of the tree. When she threw the fruit at the monkey, it dropped the sunglasses and ran off with the food. My husband was then able to pick up the sunglasses and give them back to our son to stop him from crying.
    The lady asked for some money for the papaya and we were happy to give her 50.000 Rupiah for helping us out. However, as we walked further towards the temple, we saw this same act happen to other tourists as well, and that’s when we realized we had been played, by both the monkey and the friendly lady. Our son was happy to get his sunglasses back, which was worth more than those three Euros, but we still felt like we had been ripped off.

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    Thanks for sending in your story, Janet.
    You’re right about feeling ripped off, these monkeys are trained to steal from tourists so they get a piece of fruit and the “helpful” locals get some change. Read more here:

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