Metro Ticket Scam

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      So yesterday I went to the nearest metro station from my hotel which is “Réamur – Sébastopol” to go to the Bois de Boulogne Park.
      On the day before I had bought a weekend day ticket, but the machine didn’t take it. In an instant a woman appeared next to me (around 30-40y) and explained to
      me that my ticket is a wrong one (it was,
      my fault unfortunately).
      She also looked legit, which shocks me when I think back. She had an ID-Card and some sort of uniform/vest.
      Of course she took me to the ticket machine and selected one of these insanely pricey tickets (Zone 1-5, 5days, 68€). I asked if my destination really is in zone 5. She said yes of course this ticket is right (actually it is in zone 1 ..).
      In my confusion (she spoke really fast) I pulled out my wallet and wanted to pay for a 1day ticket, which still is 25,25€, as I saw she clicked on the 5day ticket. She insisted I pay in cash, although the machine definetly took credit cards.
      I gave her 25€ in cash and she lay her rechargeable metro card on that reader thing and entered some numbers on the card readers numblock (wtf? I’m sure this was just a show to trick me into thinking she bought it for me).
      She proceeded to take out a “freshly printed” ticket out of the machine and went to the metro entrance with me, then put it into the machine and gave to me. Of course it worked because it was a plain normal single fare ticket for 1,90€. I realized this as soon as I had gotten into the metro train because I had seen these before (although the layout was a bit different and there was also no price printed on it).
      This must have been the most expensive single ticket I ever bought. Fortunately it was only a 25€ experience and I hope I learned from this (unfortunately I had no cash anymore afterwards..).
      So, never trust random people in the metro. I never saw such metro workers before, only at the biggest stations, therefore you should assume they are fake. I think this kind of tactic is called social engineering and it works for sure!
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