I lost €100 to the shell scam but I already knew it's a scam beforehand

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    I lost 100 euros to the three shell game at the bridge near Eiffel Tower.
    The first moment I saw it I knew it’s a scam because I watched a magic show including the same kind of trick before, I was attracted to stop and watched it because I was wondering ‘there are scams in Paris, how the fools lost money’.
    In the end, I became the fool. I never want to participate it, but they targeted on me. In one round, first person(of course who is on the scam) lost the money, they suddenly pointed to me and said I’m the winner. I, a short girl traveling alone, was too shocked and my mind didn’t work functionally at that moment. The scammer put 200 euros in my hand and asked me to show €100 so the money will be mine. I refused twice to play and tried to give the €200 back to the scammer but it didn’t work. Another young girl (of course who is on the scam too) standing besides, kept saying ‘you are winning’. My stupid, then i decided to show him €50 but I took out 2*€50 from wallet. I didn’t have a chance to put back 1 note of €50. The scammer just swiftly grabbed all of my money from my hand. Then scammer urged me to turn over the black card (if it’s white, you will win but obviously I can never find the white one), I refused again and asked my money back, he said no. I was too shocked and scared so I had to turn over the card, of course it’s black.
    That’s how I lost €100 while I already knew it’s a scam.
    I felt really upset and blamed myself should not be attracted by curiosity.

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