Expensive lesson learned in Istanbul bar scam

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      H.J. Balkin

      I was sitting on a bench near the Taksim square in Istanbul, minding my own business, when a stranger came over to me and started a conversation. He seemed very friendly and we could get a long quite well. Then he asked me what I was doing later that evening, and invited me to have a beer with him. I thought it would be nice to make friends with some of the locals and agreed to meet him later at a bar.
      We had a couple of beers, while making some small talk, and then he invited me to join him to go see a few Turkish girls dancing, “just looking, it’s for free”.
      I followed him to a strip club, where we ordered drinks. A girl in bikini joined me and asked for a drink, so I ordered one for her as well. After a couple of rounds I needed to go to the restroom, I noticed one of the barkeepers would discreetly follow me to the door, and in hindsight that should’ve warned me.
      I now know they were just making sure I wouldn’t make a run for the exit, as I hadn’t paid yet. When I felt like leaving, I asked for the check, and the tab had run up to 2.000 Turkish Lira (over 650 Euro’s or almost 1.000 Dollars), for 4 rounds of drinks and a few words with girl, I hadn’t even touched her!
      I protested, but soon there were a few bodybuilders telling me to pay up. I didn’t have this much cash on me, so one of them followed me to an ATM, where I could withdraw the rest of the money, emptying by bank account, to pay for these dreadfully expensive drinks.
      My so-called friend had disappeared by that time, never to be seen again. I guess he took a share of the profits of this scam as well.

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      Thanks for taking the time to write down your experience, Mr. Balkin.
      This bar scam is victimizing tourists in cities all over the world, including Istanbul.
      I’m sorry to hear it cost you that much money, but I’m glad we may prevent others from falling for this scam as well.
      Read more at http://tourist-scams.com/istanbul/bar-scam/

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      A tourist from pakistan

      unfortunately 4 big man and 3 women scam me and my frinds in one of the taksim avenue, and scam me about 600$. First of all Fuck me and then fuck many of turkey people.

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