Don’t change money with a stranger on the street!

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      On our weekend city-trip to Budapest, we wanted to change some Euro’s to the local currency Forints. As we walked towards a money change office, a man asked us if we wanted to change money. He had a much better rate than inside: 330 Forints to one Euro instead of 300 which we would get at the counter.
      We told him we wanted to change 50 Euros, which would mean 16.500 Forints. He asked us for 60 Euros, so he could give us 20.000 Forints. We gave him the 60 Euros and after we had taken the 20.000 note, another man came to us and asked us if we were from Germany and if we wanted a taxi. We waved him off, and when we turned back around, our money changer had already disappeared.
      We checked the money, and it looked a bit funny at first glance, with Russian characters. We took the note inside the official money change office, and they told us it was from Belarus, and it was worth less than 1,50 Euros. He told us never to change money on the streets. We lost almost 60 Euros because of this scam, and we just felt like such idiots.

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      Thanks for warning us, Federica.
      Tourists all over the world are ripped off by fraudulent money changers on the street, and the Budapest version is very sophisticated, using the Belarus Rubles.

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      That’s crazy! Where en when did this happen to you? I thought it only happened in the past.

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