Dizzel bar scam 16/07/18

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    Hi, I was scammed today in Istanbul on Istiklal street…Its the old scam I thought I would never fall for…but it was all for my friend who agreed to follow the guy who spoke perfect English for the promise of sexy girls etc…

    No Idea how we even entered until we were seated and two ugly girls started drinking some stuff and urged us to drink by the time we were both aware it was a scam to rip us.

    We stood up to leave but were waved to the front of the bar where unnoticed two men closed the door behind us, we were given a bill of 500L, and I was just waiting for it when I started protesting and me and my friend both exploded on their faces, thr guy who brought us and promised us free drinks cowered behind the big bar owner who spoke threateningly, I grabbed him by the neck and he started squirming, while two men grabbed me from the back and the bar manager telling us to pay and we were all shouting at each other’s face I told him 500L he said YES 1000L 2000L and we kept staring at each others eyes I was not afraid and threatened him of the police and of beating him up ….

    Next thing while surrounded by atleast 4 guys, The Bar owner (old man with moustache) shouting turkish presses some thing metallic on my stomach while saying “are you mafia ?” He kept stabbing me while I pushed him away and then got grabbed by a guy and the bar owner punched me once and slammed me on the wall…my friend managed to calm things down by saying with did not have money and since we both refused to surrender with out a fight they opened the door and let us go….

    we went out and stayed right outside waiting for that guy to go out again because we wanted to punch the ***** out of him, he saw us and run back inside the ***** ….we stayed in a cafe surveying the place then decided to leave..

    The bar Dizzel Bar is at “Mis sokaji” on the sode of Istiklal…the bar has a yellow shabby color and an unreadable name but you can find it on google maps right at the begening of “Mis Sokaji”

    Thank you and be cautious around these criminals I had my watch ripped off too but managed to fix it.

    Nothing more but stomach pain from the punch….

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