Cyclo drivers overcharge big time

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    Kim Yeo

    We thought it would be cool to take a ride in some of the many cyclos that roam the streets of Saigon. Because of the heavy traffic it’s just as fast a regular taxi, but as you’re outside on the front of the bike, you can use the time to admire the beauty of the city around you.
    We each got own cyclo, as we felt sorry for the driver to carry two tourist on a single bike.
    The ride from our hotel to Tao Dan Park was just 15 minutes, and when we arrived on of the drivers said the price would be 500.000 Dong, which is almost 25 Dollar. I asked if that was for one person or both, and he said that was the price for one person only.
    We felt stupid for not asking for a price estimate beforehand, but we told him it was way too much and that a taxi would have been much cheaper. He reacted by telling us that he had to cycle very hard and a taxi driver is just sitting behind the wheel, so that’s why a cyclo should be more expensive.
    We offered to give them 150.000 Dong each, but then all of a sudden one of them took an official looking price list from his pocket, showing that a 4 mile ride would cost 200.000 Dong. We reluctantly paid them the 400.000 Dong for us both, but without a tip, as they had just tried to rip us off for almost 30 Dollar.
    Later we asked another cyclo driver, and he said the normal price for this ride would have been 100.000 Dong, so we were still scammed into paying double the regular price.

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    Thank you for your story, Kim.
    These drivers are very clever in making tourists pay too much for their ride. Some can even turn violent when they feel like they can get even more money out of you.
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