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    Jay Summer


    I have been to TJ for over 30 years and have never been stopped by the police, or gotten into any trouble. Until July 3rd 2018. I did my normal thing had a few beers at the corner bar/restaurant by the Arch. Then I walked around checking out the scene on the streets and local bars.

    I then went to the casino and had a good time, but lost money, went to ATM got more money won a lot back. So NOW Im buzzed a little bit and I didnt want to gamble no more. So I went walking around, it wasn’t that late maybe 10:30pm, I went the normal route. I got stopped by the local police, hands up in the air, pushed against the wall, body searched on the street, took all my stuff out of my wallet. I was totally shocked (never happened before). It was a heavy set guy and a female cop. They wanted a hand out I said man I just lost a lot of money at the casino. So they let me go….

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    Jay Summer

    Hello Everyone Part 2, please read entry before,

    So I had a couple more beers, taking to a few ladies ( no sex really) and I got stopped again by the same fat cop and the female cop. He said I was drunk in public and I had to go to see the judge in the morning. I was so lucky cuz they were all speaking in Spanish. One of the guys in the cop car told me what to do and I had to the dirt corrupt fat cop and corrupt female cop $120.00 or go to jail….. Luckily I had the cash and paid them off. I’m gonna do my best to post this anywhere and everywhere and complain to who ever, I know it wont do any good but hopefully it will save someone some cash.

    Jay Summer

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