Almost fell for metro ticket scam

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    ALMOST fell in a coup today in Paris. I hope you don’t fall for this as well. The scam is as follows: scammers pose as employees of the Paris Metro (wear dress shirt and badge with SNCF symbol). They approach tourists who are trying to buy tickets / subway passes at the station machines (the first few times every tourist really have difficulty in those little machines …) .They approach you and offer you help (in English). They will actually teach you just right, but when u put the card into the machine, they say that gave error because your card is from abroad. Immediately thereafter, the scammer offers to buy the pass for you, and you pay him in cash. He pretends that he performs the acquisition using a card with the symbol of the SNCF / MetroParis. Subsequently, he took two tickets from the machine (which actually were on his sleeve), delivered and charged me 71 Euros (which in my case would be for 2 Unlimited passes of 5 days). But what actually he is handing you are 2 children’s tickets “single fare” (the cheapest there is, and that cost € 0.60). The blow is very well thought … we were already taking money from wallet to pay him when we suspected the situation (the ticket was very similar to the “fare single” I had bought the previous day). Suspicious, asked his functional identification, and he showed me only the card “SNCF” without name or photo (with just a number). I insisted that he presented me a photo ID (proving that he was an employee) but he did not show (he suddenly pretended not to understand more English lol). Then returned the tickets to him, and sought out the window of the station information (to ask if he was even employee). At this point, the guy was gone. The boy in the booth said they had no staff there helping the machines. Really we would have fallen if it was our first purchase. Anyway, NEVER accept help in the ticket machines in the Paris subway. Abs!

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    This is exactly what happened to me a few days ago. Except that I wasn’t smart enough to realize that it was a fake ID. I have paid him the cash and at that very moment an actual Paris Metro employee came there. Then I realized what was going on and told the employee that this other guy helped me and I paid him in cash. The scamer immediately gave me the money back (on his initiative), took his tickets back from me and just walked away.
    I was very disappointed that I couldn’t make a complain anywhere and that this guys are just left to go when cought…
    So I second that: don’t accept help for tickets in Paris, or if you do that NEVER give cash to anyone!

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