Reply To: Scammed in Cancun – Avoid Plaza 28

Gio Barr

Everyone BEWARE! The bus will drop you of at PLAZA 28 not El Mercado 28! In that area taxis should charge only 30 pesos to take you to the mercado 28, it’s only 5 blocks away. Like many of us have experienced, men from the PLAZA 28 will corral you into the shop and the colors will attract you into the store. DON’T BE LURED IN!!!!! I beg you! You will find the exact same souvenirs for atleast half to triple the price off. For your way back you can ask around for a bus stop or you can take a taxi, but don’t forget to negotiate your price back because obviously they will try to scam you. Don’t listen to what the bus drivers have to say, they get commission off of how many tourist get off the bus, that’s why it seems so glorious when they pay for your bus ticket back.
El Mercado 28 is a beautiful, traditional market where you can find artisanal goods, shirts, keychains, shot glasses, and many many souvenirs.
My favorite place was a stand that was selling personalized mugs, shot glasses, and beer glasses. They had different designs and they engrave whatever you want on them. 2 mugs for 100 pesos! That’s about 6$. Now you can’t beat that.